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Company, Division or Office Level BD Process Assessments - SGCI will perform an assessment of your company, division or office’s business development processes to determine its efficiency and effectiveness in profitably growing your revenues. The assessment will include recommendations on how your organization can improve your business capture rates and lower your BD costs.

Opportunity/Proposal Process Assessment, Training and Coaching - SGCI will perform an assessment of your opportunity pursuit and proposal development processes to determine your ability to make wise go/no go decisions and increase the success rate of those you choose to pursue. The assessment will include recommendations on how your organization can improve your business capture rates and lower your BD costs. Customized capture planning and proposal preparation training can be delivered as part of the execution phase.

Customized BD Training Sessions – SGCI offers customized sales training programs developed with Engineers and Scientists in mind using over 25 years of sales training experience. The program has over 15 plus modules that can be selectively used to develop the right training to the right group at the right time.

Business Development-in-Training Program Creation & Execution – All skill development is challenged by the “time” factor. Small firms cannot afford to have their billable resources sitting in training courses for multiple days each year but still need to support them in their personal growth. Their growth improves the bottom line through improved revenue growth and employee satisfaction. A Business Development In-Training program can deliver through a mix of training and one-on-one mentoring spread out over a 6 to 12 month time period.

Key Hire Selection and Onboarding Support – Making a key hire to grow your business is a frequently deployed growth strategy. Unfortunately, executing the strategy is difficult and frequently creates disappointing results which can take 12 to 24 months to recognize and correct. There are steps that can significantly reduce making the wrong hire. SGCI will lead you through the process and can support you through the execution phase.

Selection Committee Interview Preparation - Your team has been notified they are one of the finalists for a large contract opportunity. The next step will be the interview & presentation to the selection committee. Does your team understand the key messages? Do they understand their roles during the interview? Are they prepared for the questions? Have they practiced their delivery? SGCI will coach your team and prepare them for the task.

One-on-One Mentoring - SGCI will serve as a personal business development coach to your business development manager(s).

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