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SGCI supports North American CleanTech and MedTech startups and early stage companies searching for investment to fund their growth. Services include strategy development, investment pitch coaching, negotiation strategy plus connection to potential board members, service providers and investors.

SGCI supports Chinese Corporate Venture, Private Capital and Family Office Investors identify investment opportunities in the North American CleanTech and MedTech sectors.

SGCI supports Chinese CleanTech firms identify investment, licensing, distribution and purchasing of North American CleanTech technologies, products and services.

M&A includes supporting North American or Chinese firms identify acquisition targets or suitors. Support includes target profile development, target screening, negotiation strategy, due diligence and post-merger integration.


China Based Investors – If you are searching for foreign based environmental technology investment opportunities and would benefit from US based research, identification and communication support, please contact SGCI.

中国投资 - 如果你在寻找国外环保技术的投资并且想要获得美国方面的研究、鉴定及交流合作,请联系SGCI。

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